CALENDAR: coming events

A list of links, events, and publications for 2016. 

Some of these are projected dates subject to change.

MARCH 2016:
   *  Urban fantasy short story "Moondance" is published on Crimson Streets, a web-zine of SF/F pulp fiction, free to read online.
   *  J. D. Brink appears on Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan for a paperback book sale and signing.

APRIL 2016:
   *  Brain to Books Cyber-Convention on Goodreads, April 8-10.
   *  Invasion paperback giveaway on Goodreads.  Registration is April 1 to April 15.
   *  Tarnish: The Complete Trilogy Edition audiobook giveaway via Audiobook Reviewer.
   *  Eating in the Underworld replaces A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley.

MAY 2016:
   *  Hungry Gods is one of 10 books included in the Bundle Rabbit ebook bundle "Zombies and Monsters and Gods."  Available April 29th though May 19th.
   *  Hungry Gods is one of 12 books included in the Bundle Rabbit ebook bundle "Chill, Thrills, and Spills."  Available May 1st through the 21st.
   *  Superhero season limited time coupon on
   *  J. D. Brink's Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Creative Companion published to the Dungeon Masters Guild.
   *  J. D. Brink's Dungeons & Dragons Dark Gods of the Jersey Shore published to the Dungeon Masters Guild.

SUMMER 2016: 
   * The new Brink's Chaos Theory homepage goes live.  (Hopefully.)

FALL 2016: 
   * "The Lion's Share," a space pirate yarn, to be published in Cirsova #3.
   *  "The Thorne Legacy" to be published in The Last Outpost science fiction anthology.
   *  Identity Crisis Book Two projected to be published AUG-SEPT 2016.

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