Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Evolution of a Book Cover

This is a post that's actually over on my new website.  I wanted to copy and paste it over here too, but the images just make such a task too BIG.  So here's a link.  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pulp, Noir, and Asian Mythology for Pre-order Now!

Fourteen years in the making, the first short novel (now not quite as short) I'd ever written is finally ready to be published!  And you can pre-order it today at a reduced price!  
Rails End, California. 1980s. As a former Vegas magician, Jack knows the world is full of shallow illusions. That’s why he’s grinding out a new life for himself as a smuggler, counterfeiter and debt collector for a local crime boss, and trying to stay off of everyone else’s radar. 
Unfortunately, keeping a low profile just isn’t in the cards for the Jack of Spades. After a little trouble in Chinatown, Jack’s employer decides to send him on a working vacation. He’s to retrieve some stolen museum pieces on the island of Saipan. But Jack’s not the only person on the job and the other interested parties are more than they appear.  Hell, they may even be more than human…
Urban fantasy, crime-noir, and Asian myth merge in this darkly entertaining novel of pulp adventure. 
 Find it at these retailers now at $2.99.  Once the book officially launches on October 31st, the price goes up to $4.99.
(Note that this new cover may not appear on some of these sites quite yet.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sci-Fi Boxed Set Still Available on a Planet Near You

The Out of This World science fiction bundle is still out there!  It may have run out of time on Bundle Rabbit, but now it's a little closer to the planets you visit most often: namely, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo!
You get 16 ebooks for less than ten bucks!  You can't beat that deal with a Klingon stun baton!  (Do Klingons use stun batons?  Probably not.)
Here are your links.  Get it while you can, before this super deal goes supernova!
BTW, this is one of the LAST POSTS coming to this blog.  I've moved over to a new site,  Come join me there to keep abreast of deals like these, up coming book releases, and more.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Beginning August 15th, you can get 16 exciting science fiction titles worth $69 for as little as $9.99!  I’m talking about the “Out of This World” ebook bundle on Bundle Rabbit.
Bundled books include works from best-selling authors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, Douglas Smith, Blaze Ward, and even me!  You can choose your own price and donate some to charity.  It’s win-win!
Stock up on your fall reading right now for less, because this amazing deal will only be around for a limited time.

The Kickstarter for Cirsova issues #3 and #4 is up and accepting all comers!  There are rewards to be had for both meager and generous contributions, not the least of which is knowing that you’re supporting a quarterly indie magazine and the authors who publish within its pages.
I myself, Captain Leonidas Hawksblood, am one such author.  Or rather, one such lively buccaneer of the Vast Empty Sea.  Join me and my crew—Mister Pug, Soot, Pidgeon, Spleen, and Comely John—aboard the Lion’s Share as we venture off for daring-do across the black canvas of stars.  Assuming The Lion’s engines don’t fail us and torpedo tubes can spit for all their worth.
Rewards via Kickstarter are greater than those without, so don’t delay!  You can’t get a better piece of the pie without stealing it, and then you’ll be running for the rest of your days.  Trust me, I’d know!