Friday, May 31, 2013

Sirens of Slaanesh

Today I finally sat myself down and got some guys put together.  After borrowing J's Dark Eldar and playing to a very exciting draw against his Wolves (no really, that's not sarcasm, it was an exciting draw), I was definitely in a DE mood, but I'm also very into my new Chaos revival right now so...  I compromised and built my Sirens of Slaanesh! (a.k.a. Chaos Noise Marines.)

My philosophy here was to have a squad of models that look more Slaaneshi-- sleek and quick and sensual --and these Dark Eldar warrior builds meet those reqs way better than a bunch of bulky metal noise marines with crappy weapon designs.  These Sirens are much more rock and roll and their splinter rifles look alien enough to be strange sonic weapons.  The rifles are light weight but still two-handed, thus implying the new "salvo" weapon type.  They wear (mostly) complete armor, justifying a good armor save, and notice their faces...  Hellion heads with fang-faced toothy masks.  My Sirens wear gruesome voice amplifiers to go along with their harmonic weaponry. 

The squad champion I wanted to stand out with a more S&M looking mask and flirtatious belly showing (wych parts).  Her combat weapon is also wychy and she has a sonic blaster cocked at the ready as well with a doomsiren on her back (doubling as a proper DE phantasm grenade launcher when she needs to work as a DE Warrior character, making her razorflail an agonizer too).  Chances are, as the Siren champ, I'll field her with a sonic blaster, bolt pistol, and close combat weapon.  If I feel like spending an extra 15 points on her I'll give her either a power weapon or doomsiren, but not both.  (Probably the doomsiren.)

This little lady is wielding the blast master (splinter cannon) and for her I chose the head with hair covering one eye -- don't need two when you're spraying that kind of sonic payload around!

Also notice how there are six pictures...?  Hail the Prince of Excess!!!  


  1. Interesting take on the noise marine - I like it! Looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

    1. Thanks! The masks came out way better than I expected. That's the selling point for me.