Monday, January 20, 2014

Superman 40K

Every once in a while I entertain myself by converting superheroes into 40K characters.  I've actually done up the X-men and Avengers on this blog, and yesterday I somehow got inspired to play with Superman this way.  (Keep in mind, this is just for the fun of it and your ideas may vary from mine.)


2+ / 4++

“Leaps tall buildings in a single bound”
     -- He counts as Jump Infantry (Character).  Difficult terrain is not Dangerous for him when moving in or out of it, and he counts as “using the jump pack” at all times. 

“Look, up in the sky!”
     --  He can start in Reserves and enter by Deepstrike, and may reroll the scatter dice when doing so.  When he enters play this way, he may make a Meteoric Entrance.
     --  Meteoric Entrance: When arriving by deepstrike, Superman can slam into the earth with such force that it creates a shockwave.  Place a Large Blast template over this model once his final landing spot is determined.  All models (friend or foe, but not Supes) at least partially under the template are hit: S5 AP- Strikedown, Ignore Cover, Large Blast.  This counts as his shooting attack for this turn.
     --  In the Shooting phase, he may effectively turbo-boost in flight.  Supes can move up to 24” more this way, but cannot shoot or assault.  He may, however, perform a Vector Strike as he blasts his own body into the foe.  Select one unengaged unit Superman flies over/through--this may also be a flyer.  That unit takes D3+1, S8 AP3 hits.  Vehicles take the hit to their side armor.  While turbo-boosting he can also claim a Jink save.

“Super Strength”
     --  Superman’s close combat attacks are at AP2.
     --  Hammer of Wrath (S10 AP-) whenever he charges into combat.
     --  His confidence in his own strength equates to And They Shall Know No Fear.

“Faster than a speeding bullet”
     --  Fleet when running or charging
     --  His Initiative 8 reflects his super-speed

“Man of Steel”
     --  He has a 2+ armor save and 4+ invuln save.
     --  Eternal Warrior
     --  Night Vision & Acute Sense
     --  Heat Vision: This is a shooting attack with the following profile: Rng 18” S5 AP1 Assault 1, Melta

     --  In games where Superman is in play along with Mysterious Objectives, an Objective roll of 2 is not “nothing of note,” but is instead “Kryptonite!”  This has no effect on any models other than Superman.  If Superman is with in 3” of the Kryptonite when it is revealed, he suffers the following results immediately.  If he subsequently moves through  the 3” radius or ends his move within 3”, he suffers these results as well.  (Note: If revealed on the enemy’s turn and he is in range, he takes it immediately.  On his next turn, if he moves away, he’s clear and doesn’t take another hit just for starting out there.)
     --  Suffers an immediate automatic hit, Poison 2+, AP2. He cannot take his Invuln save but may take a cover save if applicable (including Jink when turbo-boosting). 
     --  If he takes this wound, Superman’s stats are reduced in this way until the end of his next turn: S5 T4 I4. 

I googled me some toy and Heroclix images.  Don't know what this last one relates to, but it's super cool!


  1. Very nice! Especially like Meteoric Entrance and Kryptonite.

    1. Thanks, Taurus! It's fun just coming up with "what ifs." Though it'd be more fun to fly Superman right through the side of someone's flyer! :)

  2. Great concept. But if the opposition discovers Kryptonite, shouldn't they be able to carry it around to ward off Superman? (a mobile component to the objective)

    1. That's not a bad idea. Have some little green hunk of glass and have a model carrying it, trying to chase down Superman or take it to where you want protection. If he gets killed it drops on the spot. That could be fun!