Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Epic Coming of Age Fantasy on Kindle Unlimited

For a limited summer engagement, Tarnish: Thunderstrike Edition is now on Kindle Unlimited.  This extended edition includes the 400 page novel and the prequel novella, The Prince of Luster and Decay in one volume.  Click here to find it on Amazon.

Here are the quick-version blurbs:


Billy Cole is the sixteen-springs-old son of Ian the Black.  Being the heir of a legend is a heavy burden to bear, and though he wears it well, it takes more than strength to become a man. And more than a sword to become a hero.  When evil rises from the Blood Marsh, Wil Thunderstrike gets his chance at both.  Epic fantasy on a more personal scale.

The Prince of Luster and Decay
Sergeant Knox leads the Head Knockers, scout-saboteurs in the war against the Dread Duke and his armies.  After an ambush kills half the company, Knox and his boys are sent on a final mission to investigate the possible source.  And though the town appears empty, something waits for them there in the darkness.  And they’ll need both heart and steel to defeat it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sci-Fi Fantasy Pulp Fiction Mag on Kickstarter

Cirsova Issue 2 is on pre-order via Kickstarter right now.  It's all set and ready to rock for July, just needs some more pre-orders to make it happen.  You can get a PDF copy for as little as 2 bucks, a PDF and paperback both for only 10 bucks!

Check it out by clicking here.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

D&D 5E: New Titles Via Dungeon Masters Guild

Hey there, fellow nerdites.  I'm happy to announce that I now have two pdf ebooks on Wizards of the Coast's Dungeon Masters Guild.  The Guild is a marketplace where players can contribute to the gaming community by publishing material through OneBookShelf and their consortium of gaming companies.  There is a cornucopia of D&D material to be found there, with prices ranging from free, to a few dollars, to paying whatever you think is fair.

What I have decided is fair is $1.99 for each of mine, which is less than I'd charge for an equivalent work of fiction, given the word counts and amount of time I put into them.  One is a full story adventure module in a creepy small town.  The other is a source book with new feats, custom rules, and new ways to imagine existing character classes, without having to reinvent the rules for them.

Here's what I mean:

The simple townsfolk of Jersey Shore generally keep to themselves.  Neighbors might describe them as quiet cow herders, able fishermen, and pious church-goers.  If they had neighbors.  In fact, no one who visits Jersey Shore ever has anything to say.  Because visitors never leave.

This adventure is for early level player characters (levels 2-4), and will require one or two play sessions to complete.  Slip it into your campaign as an unfortunate pit stop in any D&D realm and enjoy an evening chock full of action, monsters, mystery, and humor.

Fantasy/SF writer J. D. Brink ran this adventure with his own D&D players based on just a few scribbled notes.  Now after weeks of further development, it’s ready for your team of D&D heroes.  Are they up to the challenge?

A cup of coffee these days costs four bucks.  An evening full of adventure: half as much.

Contained herein are more than 40 pages featuring customized game rules, a new, story-based experience system that does away with tracking math, and 17 powerful feats for players.  But that’s not all. 

Presented for your inspiration are 10 complete characters created from new takes on existing classes, all forged via enhanced creation rules that favor player characters.  Each hero features stats, background stories, and character-building decisions spelled out to give you new ideas for your PCs and NPCs.  Examples include an archetype-defying Cthulhu warlock, steampunk mage, Shinto samurai, and rogue spymaster.

Fantasy author J. D. Brink first discovered Dungeons & Dragons more thirty years ago.  Finally, with the advent of the Dungeon Masters’ Guild, he can now share some of his own ideas and game innovations with fellow players of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.  The 5eCC works in conjunction with your own imagination to develop exciting new worlds and the heroes needed to save them!

A cup of coffee these days costs four bucks.  Endless possibilities for your games: half as much.

* * * 

Check 'em out and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!