Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Sale on Horror Stories

Just a quick note here letting you all know that NOW through Halloween weekend, my adult horror collection A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley is marked down to only $0.99 (ebook version).

I know for sure that it's up at that price on Amazon and Smashwords as of this posting, but sites like Barnes & Noble and Kobo might take another day or two to catch up on the price change.  (Just click on the site names here to check.)  Enjoy!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Finding (and Losing) Time to Write

A quick (and dismal) observation:

I woke up first this morning, which is normal, but being Saturday I thought, "Ah-ha, finally, time to write while the family sleeps!  I'll get another chapter knocked out."  I came downstairs, let the dogs out, and turned on my laptop.

First, check the email, really quick.

Top email is from Joni at the Writers of the Future Contest saying the WotF Blog has posted the contest results.  Hey, there it is, my name in lights.  Oh, look at that, she even posted me as "stationed in Japan," cool!

Well, I guess I could blog that quick.

Write two brief paragraphs, add picture.  Done.

Well, I could tweak and add those other blog pages I've been thinking about.  Fix one page, add two more.  Easy but takes time.
Post updates for new blog page to two Facebook pages.  (I hates me some Facebook...) Respond to a couple updates from others posted weeks ago.

Somewhere in here the family woke up and came down.  And now, two hours later, I have spent two hours of my novel writing time screwing around on the internet.  Almost all writing-related, but still...

Email is not writing.  Blogging is not writing.  And Facebook sure as hell is not writing.  


Writers of the Future Blog Post Live

Just a quick add-on to my previous posting: the WotF Blog has officially posted the results for the third quarter, which you can view by clicking here.  Joni (the director) also always says where the entrants are from, and in my case she went so far as to say "stationed in Japan," which made me smile.  Thanks, Joni!

Speaking of which, we're stocking up on bottled water and battening down the hatches here.  We're in TCCOR 3 right now (that's Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness), which means a typhoon is expected to hit within 48 hours; Sunday night was the last word.  Now our real Japanese experience begins!