Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Sale: Zombies, Vampires, Spandex, and Other Scary Stuff

Now through Halloween weekend (and maybe even "bleeding" into the first couple days of November), you can score two great Halloween-flavored ebooks for just $0.99 each.

Hungry Gods is my best selling work to date, pairing gritty superhero-types with flesh-hungry zombies from a small, Midwestern town (kind of like where I grew up).

On Amazon, you can find it here.

The Prince and the Darkness is actually an even bigger bargain, because it combines two other books into one volume for a total of five tales of creepy content.  If you enjoy sides of crime, noir, and sword and sorcery with your spookfest, give this a read.

Its Amazon home is here.

Not an Amazon user?  You can find links for these books and more on the Fugitive Fiction website, leading you to all the major ebook retailers (just clicking here).

I'll even throw in one for free!  Get A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley for free on Amazon, October 22nd through the 26th.  Click here for its Amazon love nest.

(And to answer your question, yes, A Long Walk does constitute half of The Prince and the Darkness.  The other half is the novelette The Prince of Luster and Decay, which goes for $2.99, so you can still go cheaper by buying P&D while it's only 99 cents!)

Hurry, this is only through Halloween!  And because I prefer writing so much more than marketing, it's not likely to come around again any time soon!

Hellboy: A Review

Yesterday I picked up Hellboy: Wake the Devil from the base library.

My assessment: Pure alchemy.

I am mesmerized and jealous every time I pick up a Hellboy book.  Mignola seamlessly melds history, mythology, the occult, and pure fun.  His storytelling is elemental and irreducible.  And that goes for the visual art too.  It’s obvious that Mignola is the graphic storyteller as well as the scripter, because the two aspects are inseparable in style and psychic impression.  And they are bewitching every time.

My only critique would be that Giurescu (who promised to be a cool villain with a great back story) and even Hellboy himself are upstaged by Rasputin and his crew.  I dare say, given the page time dedicated to them, that Rasputin is the main character of the story.  (Which isn’t all bad, but it does say “Hellboy” on the cover...)

If all you've seen are the movies, you're missing out!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Giveaway Countdown: 8 Days Left

Eight more days to score one of these signed paperbacks for FREE on Goodreads.  Click here, scroll down, and enter the giveaway.  Clock runs out on October 25th!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Halloween Reading Giveaway: Dark Fantasy Double Feature

Now through October 25th, you can enter to win a free paperback version of my dark fantasy double feature, The Prince and the Darkness.  'Tis the season for a great Halloween read! And this one combines two of my previous works of dark fantasy and horror.  The description follows, right after this link to the Goodreads page, where you can sign up to have me send you one of four signed copies:

The Prince and the Darkness combines A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley and The Prince of Luster and Decay into one bargain-priced volume.

The first four short stories feature wise guys and private eyes, black magic, bleak futures, and the feminine wiles of inhuman beauties. Your imagination will flicker with the atmospheric images of mobsters and monsters, all cast in black and white—and red.

These deliciously dark tales are followed by a lengthy novelette of sword and soldiery warfare, where the enemy isn’t just fought on battlefields, but in the soul as well.

Both originals are also available as ebooks, paperbacks, and richly-told audiobooks.