Saturday, December 15, 2012

Black Phoenix Warp Spider #2!!

I wasn't planning on blogging about these again until after I at least had the whole squad together, if not painted, but I just finished this one and was so excited I had to post it.  Spiderwoman, eat your heart out!

The rock I just picked up today while walking my boy around the neighborhood.  I could actually turn it on its other flat side and have her really doing a wall-crawl but then she'd be shooting the ground.  The body doesn't fit into the round waist all that great -- it fits but at this angle it looks odd.  Hopefully once painted no one will notice.  (Maybe I'm the only one noticing now?)

I'll probably pull her back off the rock to paint her so I don't get any on the rock itself.  The legs are Hellion legs and the blade arm actually came with the Scourge kit.  I have a handful of the the shredders and the head is Reaver.

I'm loving them so far but working again with these tiny parts makes me wonder if I'm going to be able to pull off the four-armed exarch...


  1. I'm loving these guys, very unique and cool, but can I make one critique. The vanes on the back are all the same piece and it gets repetitive looking.

    I would suggest 2 things.

    1. On some of them cut the skull off and replace with another trophy item for variety...or another skull that isn't human. Something from one of the raider/ravager trophy spikes would work. Tau, Ork, necron, etc.

    2. When I ran into a problem similar to this before I ended up using pieces left over from a Venom to substitute for back vanes. If you slice these bits properly they are almost identical to the bits you are using but have new detail so you can ad more variety.

    I used them on this unit with great effect.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm actually waiting for a box of Incubi to come in and plan on using those vanes. I agree, I don't want to use the same ones over and over. On both of these models so far i've used the surplus of warrior ones I have but only using putty to hold them in place to get the idea; haven't glued them in. Once i get the Incubi vanes, which I think look pretty neutral/plain, I'll start gluing some in.
    And I like the idea that your Trueborn all have trophy racks -- very fitting!

  3. Pretty cool. Did you use legs from the raider/venom hangers-on?

    1. No, but that's a good idea! these are hellion legs for crouching on the goblin gliders. the raider/venom legs are probably better suited as they likely have more armor on them.