Sunday, November 4, 2012

She-Hulk: Seeker of Slaanesh in Green

I think I got these ladies last Christmas, or maybe the Christmas before...  No it was at LEAST two back because we were still living in California.  So 2 to 3 years later i finally get one painted!

I was nervous about how to pull off the flesh tones so I decided to actually use my flesh-color as a base--for the steed.  I painted the steed first, and got it done in one Sunday afternoon, which is pretty quick for me.  The colors layered up, starting with the soft underbelly (flesh and green with a dark green wash); then layered the the scales with straight green, then darker wash, then drybrushed yellow-green mix as a highlight; and finally dark-green-plus-blue-makes-aqua for the mane.  I liked the steed, but was nervous about the rider.

In my mind the rider and steed were made from the same Warp-spawned ectoplasmic goo, so I wanted them to match.  The model is so petite that it was challenging to get those solid lines of color that define one aspect of a model from another (and looking at this picture I see that i still wasn't completely successful).  The standard I wanted to match as well but also stand apart, so the shaft and bottom claw is made from the same bone-and-horn as the daemons, then becomes gooey raw flesh with white bone pieces.

I posted all these pictures because I didn't think any one of them was that great, so maybe the collection of them will cover my visual expectations.  I like the outside grassy picks, as she blends well with nature there.

The remaining four horsewomen will likely be shades of blue and purple, though i don't expect to get to them any time soon.  The REAL reason I painted this one was because I want to use the steed for my Dark Eldar Beastmaster to ride (her type is "beast" after all), so that is likely my next project... though I do have a nifty color scheme I'd like to try on some Thousand Sons too...

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