Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blood Thirsty

With all the Vampire buzz on the WHFantasy side of the house I got to thinking of a vampire character for 40K.  She'd be a Chaos HQ choice and she's pretty heavy-duty.  Then again, all the new codexes have outrageously powerful characters so maybe she'd fit right in with the newest generation.  Now I just need to find someone to let me use her! 
The model I'd use is included here, the new Isabella Von Carstein.

Decembra, Queen of the Damned

A countess of the nobility of an Imperial world, her orgies and human sacrifices drove her further and further into the clawed hands of the Chaos Powers.  She eventually became as close to the mythical vampires as any of their fallen servants.


            War Gear:  Love’s Cold Touch – This is the name she’s given to her sword, a dreaded weapon that drains the blood and soul from its victims.  This is a power weapon that inflicts Instant Death on any to-wounds roll of 6 no matter their toughness.
            The Deepest Eyes:  Decembra’s gaze goes beyond enchanting.  Her beautiful dark eyes become endless wells that swallow the mind of anyone who gets lost in them anyone looking her way can’t help but notice their sinister shine.  She and any unit she joins counts as having both offensive and defensive grenades in close combat.  In addition she benefits from the Preferred Enemy rule. 
            Shadow Walk:  Appearing from the darkness itself, Decembra may Infiltrate, Ignores Difficult Terrain, and may pass through Impassable Terrain.  She may also start the game in reserve and Deepstrike, bringing any unit she’s attached to with her whether they normally Deepstrike or not.
            Bloodlust:  She is an Infantry model that counts as a Beast (thus Fleet and charges 12”) and gets +2 Attacks for charging instead of +1.
            Immortal:  Having absorbed hundreds of souls over the millennia, she is an Eternal Warrior and her save is invulnerable.  If Decembra is killed she doesn’t die but is placed back in reserve.  She may reenter by outflanking (per Infiltration), deepstriking, or walking on her own board edge.  
            Queen of the Damned:  So alluring are her wicked charms that souls not strong enough to resist are forced to follow her for eternity.  Infantry, Jump Infantry, Bikers, and Jetbikers who are personally killed by her make a Ld check upon their death.  Any killed as a result of a Sweeping Advance do so at -2 Ld, so fierce is her wrath.  Those that fail return to life as her slaves immediately following the combat phase—those that are Infantry immediately join her unit.  These models are exactly as they were in life and are now Fearless and subject to Rage unless joined by her.  Models of different types must form units together.  If Decembra is killed all current undead slaves are instantly removed from the board.     


  1. I'll play but you have to double her points. She's an army unto herself that can't be killed! Decembra has 5 attacks on the charge, re-roll to hit and 6s cause Instant Death. Granted her 5+ invulnerable wouldn't keep her safe from shooting but if she got into CC she could easily turn most of the enemy unit into slaves. Heck, she could kill and turn a wraithlord without barely batting an eye.

  2. Actually, she already ranks among the most expensive characters and her only outstanding stat is initiative. Yes, if she gets into melee she's going to get somebody for sure, but no matter how many slaves she's produced if you shoot her down (and 5+ save, invuln or not, won't keep her alive forever) all those slaves go away. She'll be back but it could take a couple turns and then she starts from scratch all alone. Poor girl. I'm usually not too confident about coming up with points costs but really, i think this one's pretty fair compared to other HQs.

  3. and, by the way, she can't turn a Wraithlord, he's a monstrous creature. And I think it'd take two bats of an eye, maybe both eyes.

  4. Okay, returning to this months later... maybe she could be toned down a bit in those special rules.