Saturday, April 7, 2012

Battle Blips

Last week J and I had an epic clash on the battlefield.  Unfortunately, i don't think I'm ever going to find the time to dedicate toward a good battle report/narrative.  Plus, the pics I took with my phone I can't seem to get to my computer for uploading.  (That may be becuz I'm technologically retarded).

Basically, it was approx 2060pts of Space Wolves vs Crimson Fists.  We created a scenario where there were 5 objectives hidden in 4 bunkers and atop a ruined tower.  In order to score, you had to send a squad in to search for the objectives -- mysterious orbs that whispered to the Chapter Masters (who were both present), capturing their minds enough to make them kill brother space marines to get the orbs!  So rather than shoot the unit made a leadership check.  If successful you found the orb and got the objective.  He with the most at the end won.

The highlights of the battle were:
   * CF thunderfire cannon laid down vicious fire, taking a lot of bloodclaws down.
   * A wolf scout went rabid on wulfen, dishing out 7 attacks in one round.
   * Arjac and his termie boys absorbed fire from at least 3 CF squads in one turn, no wounds.
   * Said wolf guard took their first 2 or 3 casualties in melee combat from ordinary CF tac marines.
   * CF dreadnought didn't even get off the drop pod landing platform before he was immobilized.
   * Njal kept the winds howling and my jump troops grounded.
   * Ajax, CF ordinary scout sergeant with a long history of being a bad dude, actually wounded Logan Grimnar, superhero of the galaxy!  (And bragged about it for the remaining 3 seconds of his life.)
   * Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists, was torn to pieces by a pack of Fenrisian Wolves.  Though the wolves were attacked and routed by my jump chaplain and assault squad, the last two ran away with Pedro's limbs in their mouths.

The game ended a tie: the assault marines could have jumped into the tower at the last moment to make  agrab for another objective (score was 1:1), but chose to help out their leader Pedro instead.  As stated, they killed wolves but failed to save Pedro, whose Init 1 powerfist was too slow to strike before he was eaten alive.  It was a great game.  Sorry i couldn't give it a better write-up, J.

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