Friday, September 14, 2012


Long time, no blog.  My original idea was to have at least a blog entry a week.  That would keep me motivated and on-track and keep up a nice web presence, right?  Then again, is anyone actually reading this stuff…?  Hello?  HELLO? 

hello… hello… [echo]

Well recently real life has been getting in the way.  Most notably we have been house hunting for almost a month now.  My work days start at 5am and on the days we’ve been checking out houses they don’t end until 7 or 8pm. That’s a long damn day.  Even now that we’ve found a house (and a nice one too) it doesn’t get much easier, what with the paperwork and all.  All that on top of a 50+ hour work week and family time and everything else, needless to say I am behind on my personal objectives, most importantly writing.  A couple weeks ago I realized that blogging was going to have to take a backseat, maybe to every other week.  Hopefully I can still maintain that (I should be able to, anyway).

But even back-logged, I’m still trudging forward.  I am currently working on a story formerly known to me as "Vermin", the first draft of which I wrote about 5 years ago (maybe more) and am now rewriting.  My hope is to have it ready to submit to the Writers of the Future Contest but the cap there is 17,000 words (about 50 pages) and as of right now this story is beyond that.  After some reworking and harsh editing, who knows?  But I’d like to be done and have it submitted by September 30th, which is a pretty harsh and fast-approaching deadline.  If it doesn’t all work out “Prince” may be an e-book available soon.  Then I’d like to have my book-length collection One-Eyed Jacks done by November 30th because  one of the stories featured in it will be the weekly audio-story told on the horror-zine podcast  (Be sure to tune in for that, it’s free! Don't worry, I'll remind you...)  But that gives me only 2 months to rewrite, revise, and reformat what will likely be nearly 200 pages of material.  May not make it.  Thus, again, blogging takes a back seat.

So I’m not disappearing, just wandering around inside my new haunted house; perhaps I fell through a trapdoor or the bookshelf moved and swallowed me up.  Just don’t tune out completely, cuz I’m still here with more blogging fun to come, I promise!  I have one more X-men entry to make (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) and went through a very brief Blood Angels period last week (cheatin' vampire bastards).

Here's a couple of teaser pics just to get things started (for whenever it is I get time to follow-up):

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