Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Kroot Gladiator

With all the Tau rumors flying around and the imminent new Tau Codex due to be born any minute now (it's like news of a new baby whenever GW insiders whisper anything around here--I wonder if it'll pop in the taxi on the way to the hospital?) I figured it was about time I finished painting this model.  I traded Viking Born J for some termie bases and got this kroot model for use with my Black Phoenix Dark Eldar Beastmaster.  (Using teams of gladiator slaves to stand in for bases full of razorbeaks.)

I wanted to go with blue-grey hide on this kroot ("shadow grey", to be exact, one of my favorite paint colors) and with him being mostly naked it didn't take too terribly long to finish him.  I was sitting outside on a mildly warm day here in Texas, meaning it was pleasant unless you were in direct sunlight.  The sun dried my paints quickly though, especially those I was trying to mix in a tray, and made the whole process kind of difficult.

I like painting outside (1) just because I prefer being outside when it's nice out, and (2) because you can see really well in the natural light.  But that's a double-edged sword -- sometimes the contrast between sun and shade is so strong it messes with your judgment.  Even in these pics you can kind of see the extremes of sun and shadow.  It's especially hard to judge your photographs this way.  (I just shot a million of them and weeded out the bad ones once I got on the computer.)

This last one looks to me like he's exiting a cave on a frozen world.  Let's call it, "Tundra Hunter".  

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