Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Two (Thousand) Sons

After a lot of typey blog posts (and more to come) I thought some good old fashioned modeling was in order.

Starting to get some Thousand Sons painted after about two thousand years.  I started out wanting to do something different, so I tried out a turquoise look...

I like it but it didn't have the excited glow I was looking for.  So I tried the classic yellow again (which I love but, you know, wanted to try something different)...

So now I'm thinking the squad will be yellow as is expected, but I'll leave this one model blue.  He's the icon bearer for the Icon of Flame -- as long as this model--who burns with a strange blue fire--is alive, then the whole squad has Soulfire on their Inferno bolts.

By the way, I also tried adding color to their inferno bolts to match the eldritch fire in their eyes...

So that's two down.  Who knows when I'll get back to them...  I just have SO MANY models to assemble and paint, even if we're just talking about Chaos and Eldar.  My list of "to do" modeling projects is longer than my life span.


  1. I dig it! The Thousand Sons are by far my favorite legion, always love seeing other people do 'em!

    I really like leaving the icon bearer blue - that's a nice touch!

  2. Trying out different paint schemes like that is part of the fun of the hobby, especially if you can do it on traditionally painted models like the Thousand Sons.

    I also like the turquoise and I agree with keeping him as-is to represent something different. If you do up another unit of these guys then I'd stick with that, one turquoise dude in the squad.

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys! I'm eager to get the whole squad painted and see how they look... however every other day a new idea/paint scheme/conversion plan comes up and distracts me... But I'l get to it someday!