Monday, June 24, 2013

Eldar WindRiders Progress and the New Schedule

My hobby time this weekend was spent working on my new squad of old Eldar Jetbikers.  (Though that time was supposed to be spent on more important things... more on that momentarily.)

Most of what I have for traditional Eldar jetbikers are from a past generation, to include some lead torso-head pieces, two different chemical make-ups of plastic bikers, and best of all an old Harlie High Warlock which I'll be using as a Warlock and/or Farseer.

I like to make my models unique, even in a squad of rank and file troops.  I took a couple of these guys and snipped off their heads with wire cutters, shaved down and drilled out what was left, and inserted new ones.  One is a newer guardian artilleryman with a cool visor and the other is (you guessed it) a Dire Avenger variation.  I just HAD to get a mohawk into my punk biker gang somehow!  There's also a shining spear guy in there who thinks that he has to dress up in fancy armor to go parading around the sky routes.  The drawback to having a collection of odd bits, though, is that I actually do NOT have enough biker arms to go around.  This will mean sticking in weapon hands and odd limbs from other eldar or dark eldar.  i also want to figure out how I can make a hand flipping the bird for one guy!!  Now THAT'S an Eldar punk-ass jetbiker!

I've been working on the bikes as well, spending WAY too much time figuring out how to attached a shuriken cannon and also magnetizing the Harlie canopy.  My fear there is that it's going to be very heavy for my light plastic bike with magnetic stand.  Maybe if I stack a couple magnets it'll stack the field and strengthen the hold??  Or does that only work on Star Trek?

The "New Schedule" refers to my blogging habits (sorry, i don't have any rumor insights into GW's releases).  It has been my intention for about a month to only post on Fridays.  That obviously hasn't worked out.  The reason I want to limit my blogging is because I have so much else I could be doing with that time!  (Revising my novel, writing another one, building models, painting those models, etc.)  But I just have so much to say about Warhammer!  And a thousand modeling projects I could share!  Therefore, I am planning to limit myself to Fridays and--if I absolutely have to--also on Mondays (today, for example).  But that's it!  So if you catch me posting  a blog on any other day, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd tell me just how weak-willed I am and tell me to get back to work!  Thank you.


  1. Looking good man, I'm digging how the unit is coming together!

    1. Thanks, man. I feel like it's really slow going but that's partly due to all the customization and scrounging for parts.