Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Sleeps with Wolves" -- 2100 pt Chaos 40K List

I recently got together with J's Space Wolves and played a 2100 point game -- well, the first half of a game.  We got started pretty late and it was almost 1:00 am by the time we got into turn three, so the game was cut tragically short.  I say tragically because the awesome tidal wave of Chaos was just cresting and poised to crash when we had to stop!  Damn!  But I had fun building a diverse list and wanted to share it.

I called this list "Sleeps with Wolves" (you know, like Dances with Wolves) because it featured my chaotic Space Wolves warband with Slaaneshi allies.

Chaos Space Marine List
HQ  Thorbolg Wolfsbane (Huron Blackheart)
T The Feral Pack (CSM)(10) - Mark of K, Champ w claw, mbomb, Gift; melta, plas
HQ Selene (Lucius)
(T) Selen's Choir (noise marines)(6) Champ CCW; Vets; 5 blasters, 1 BMaster
T The Dirty Dozen (cultists)(12) Mark of S, flamer; all others with CCW + pistol
E The Half-Dozen Sons (Thousand sons)(5 + sorcerer) 
FA Slobber Dawg's Hunger League (spawn)(5) 
FA Red Skull Biker Gang (5) Champ w. p-axe, mbombs, Gift; plasmagunner
HVY Pipe Fitters' Union (obliteratorz)(2) Mark of S (to t-port onto daemonette icon)
HVY Santa's Battlewagon (predator) autocannon, HBs, warpfire gargoyles
HVY Bloody Fist (havoks)(6) ML (flakk), HvyBolter, plasmagun

Chaos Daemons Allies
HQ Baphemut & Cassandra (keeper of secrets) psyker 2, portal glyph, g-reward
T Cassy's Handmaidens (daemonettes)(10) alluress w. lesser R, icon
FA Morkai's Pups (flesh hounds)(7) 
* * * * *

This list worked pretty well for those first three turns.  You may notice there's a wide variety of units -- no spamming here.  I build fun lists and still manage to win as many games as I lose, maybe more.  Just sayin'...

By the way, fielded my big mutant ogres as my spawn.  They were cool (meaning big and ugly) while they lasted.


  1. love that female lucius conversion..she ever get painted up?

  2. Thanks, Ray! No, not yet. I'm going to have some time off this holiday season and hoping to get some painting done. I just have to pick some specific models and make specific goals. Focus, focus... :)