Monday, February 24, 2014

Eldar Dark Reaper Conversions: WIP

Here are the first pair of my new "Black Phoenix" Dark Reapers.  I'm planning to make four, plus a fifth exarch model.  This has been a project on my list for some time and I finally decided to get something done late last night (didn't go to bed till 1am, had to get up at 6am... bad idea). 

My original concept was to use Dark Eldar Incubi bodies for these.  But my first, last, and only experience with "Fail Cast" was those incubi, and they were such a mess that I decided not to bother with them.  Instead I went with the DE Warriors (which I have also used to make my Fire Dragons).  I wanted that armored, thorny, scary look, but bulkier for the Reapers, thus the original Incubi plan.  Still, I think these worked out pretty well. 

The heads are from the new Fantasy Dark Elf Executioners.  Love these heads.  My original idea was to use actual skulls, which I may yet go with for my exarch; we'll see.  They still didn't look "big" enough so I added the little thorns behind their heads, which add height and count as their Reaper Range Finders.

Their weapons are DE dark lances.  So here's my fluff/theory on those:

Rather than being "reaper launchers," which fire a cluster of miniature missiles (which is still cool), I think of these more like man-portable (or elf-portable), rapid-fire railguns.  They use magnetic propulsion tech similar to shuriken weaponry, but instead of flinging ninja stars, these fire tiny explosive javelins at an even higher velocity.  Thus the range, strength, and AP of the weapons.  And if you equip them with "starshot missiles"--the Eldar krak version--those javelins are made of denser material that pack a greater punch and do even more damage when they explode.  Thus the weapons are more like this:

Dark Reaper "Death Wind" rail rifles:  RNG 48" S5 AP3 Heavy 2
* armed with "Dread Storm" rail ammo:  RNG 48" S8 AP3 Heavy 1, Pinning 

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