Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Astra Militarum: Captain America 40K

I've had fun in the past coming up with superhero stats for 40K (just check out the "avengers" labeled posts, though that string also led into Eldar dire avengers, just so you know).  So with the new Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum codex all the buzz, and the new Captain America movie out, I thought I'd revisit and update Cap as a Guard hero (it'll always be Impieral Guard to me, not astro-billirubinemia or whatever).

And for those sticklers, please note that this is just for fun and not meant to be taken too seriously...

Captain America: 


Super-Soldier:  Cap has Eternal Warrior, Preferred Enemy, Rampage, and Feel No Pain, as well as being Stubborn.

Inspiring Presence:  All units within 12” may use Cap’s Leadership score.  In addition, any unit he joins gains Stubborn and Preferred Enemy.

Tactician:  Your army may reroll to determine who gets the first turn.

Armored Costume:  Armor Save of 5+

Vibranium Alloy Shield:  Cap’s shield gives him a 3+ Invuln save.  He may also throw it as a ranged weapon with the following profile:

            Range 12”        S4        AP--    Assault 3, Split Fire, Stun*

* As the shield ricochets around before returning to his hand, he may Split Fire.  Any model that is Wounded but not removed by the shield throw has their Initiative reduced to 1 in the following Assault Phase. 

Shield Bash:  Cap has Hammer of Wrath when charging.  During combat, he can choose to use his shield as a weapon, thus increasing his damage but leaving him more vulnerable.  Shield Bashing in combat gives his melee attacks AP4, but reduces his invuln save to 5+ during that combat turn.

40K Flavor:  I’d have fun remaking Cap as an Imperial Super Soldier.  Rather than the American motif he could have an Aquila on his chest, probably like the carapace breastplates some Impie officer models have, plus lots of belt pouches and straps and holsters and such.  Obviously he’d have a big round storm shield with an Imperial symbol on it and probably a bolt pistol.  He’d be best joined to storm trooper or vet squads. 

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