Monday, January 21, 2013

Angels of Death

I know I have included some shots of my Crimson Fist Assault Marines before, but I've never run a post featuring them.  And just today I finished a project long in the making of giving my sergeant/captain some cool blue wings, so I thought I'd give the boys their due.

My flamer-toting marine is armed here with a new Blood Angels' style hand flamer.  He used to have one of the hand flamers from way back in the 80s (or 90s?), but when this new improved version came out, I had to upgrade him.  He also has a little loin cloth and a flame-colored knee pad to make him unique.

You'll notice none of these models are exactly the same, they all have some small change of color or head or weapon that makes each a unique character.  I do that as much as I can, though it's not possible with all models (partially due to sheer numbers).

This is Jose Wales, my plasma pistolier.  Sometimes he's a sergeant, sometimes he replaces the flamer.

This rough customer I call Freddie Kruger.  For general games terms he's usually just another marine, but I once used him as a sergeant counting as having a lightning claw (so no extra CCW but he got to reroll wounds due to his vicious twin chainswords).  I picked this head becuase it calls Hannibal Lector to mind.

I've always called him Diomedes after the badass of the Iliad but it doesn't quite sound right.  He is my usual sergeant with twin lightning claws and melta bombs, but sometimes I run him as a full captain.  I liked the look of the normal jumppack but wanted to try the recent Blood Angel Sanguary Guard wingpack on him.  Not quite sure I'd love it, and because I like the ability to change looks on my guys, I magnetized both packs.

And now I feel silly for doubting how cool he'd look with big blue wings!  Very happy with how it turned out, though it was a bit of work.  The wings look like they are actually supposed to connect to the backs of the S-Guard themselves, not their packs, so I had to use some greenstuff to secure the wings to the jumppack. Turned out totally worth while though.  Now I almost HAVE to take him as a captain next time just to justify his tricked out ride--er, uh, his badass wingies.


  1. I love those Sanguinary Guard wings.

    1. Thanks, J. That whole Sanguary Guard kit kicks butt! I bought it with no intention of running any Blood Angels.