Sunday, September 21, 2014

Writers of the Future Contest Results... At Least Mine

My story for the last quarter, which will also be featured in the Identity Crisis collection Dreams of Flying sometime next year, did not win the contest...  But it did receive an Honorable Mention, which is pretty darn nice!  There are thousands of entrants every quarter, so being selected for an honorable mention is still, well, an honor.

So now I'm going to revise the story and submit to to other markets.  If it gets picked up for publication that will likely delay the release of Dreams, as it's standard to wait a year for rights to revert back to the writer.  But getting published in a big magazine or fiction website is certainly worth the wait!

You can check out the talented eight finalists of this quarter who are going forward toward winning by clicking here.  Good luck, everyone, and congrats!


  1. Damn it. Did my comment disappear? Bah!

    Anyway, sorry you didn't win but congrats on honorable mention. To stand out in a crowd of thousands is no small feat.

    1. This is the only comment I see in the system, nothing waiting in spam or anything. Sorry.

      And THANKS. :)