Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Selling Books on Amazon: A Book Review

I just finished Let's Get Visible by David Gaughran.  Just a quick post here with my review for my fellow indie writers who might be interested.  Click here to see the review on Amazon now.


Lots of filler here, but the few nuggets are worth while

This is a decent resource, though I think indie writers newer to the dream will get more out of it than I did.  Eighty- to ninety-percent of the material was somewhat obvious and often repetitious, and honestly, I felt like much of the writing was intended to fill pages and swell the page count.  The book is also two years old now, so some of Amazon's mechanisms may have changed.

I definitely did, however, come away with some new, useful information and tactics that I am putting into practice, which is worth the five bucks I paid for this ebook.  When compared to paying the same for a cup of coffee, I'm certainly getting more use out of Mr. Gaughran's knowledge and hot tips than I would be a hot beverage.  

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