Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Leap into 2016: Free Audiobook Giveaway

Happy New Year! 

Here we are halfway through January already and I have barely even noticed!  Been super busy with the day job, making it villainously hard to get any more superhero writing done. 

(In fact, not to complain but…  I figured out my total hours at work so far amount to an average of 8 hours a day for every day of 2016.  I have had days off, but the total hours more than make up for those few days off.  No wonder I’m not getting any writing done!) 

I have realized that this becomes a problem, not only I don’t have time to write, but that when I only get to work on a story or novel once a week or less, it’s very difficult to stay motivated on that piece.  I have the same issue trying to read books.  It’s hard to stay interested when you only read a chapter every other week.  Eventually I end up quitting books because of that.  And the same issue plagues me with writing.  I have so many ideas, it’s hard to stay focused on whatever is in-progress because all momentum and excitement gets lost when I can’t get to it but once in a while. 

Depressing.  And annoying.  But the alternative, I suppose, is to give up, and that’s just not an option so...  We must fight on!

I have both a prequel and a sequel for Hungry Gods in mind, and I need to write at least one of those in 2016, if not both.  I also have several other shorter, fun works in mind.  These range from heroic fantasy, to Asian- myth-flavored urban fantasy, to gritty horror stories.

Again, my ambition outruns my actual time to write by about a light-year and a half.  But what can you do?  I’ll just keep plugging along, slow and steady.  Just call me Tortuga.  (That means tortoise.  I think.)

Now, did somebody say something about a free audiobook giveaway???

I figure we need to celebrate the Leap Year somehow.  It only comes around every 76 years, right?  (Or maybe that’s Haley’s Comet…?)  So on February 29th, anyone who is signed up for my “Conspiracy Newsletter” will automatically be in the running for one of three free audiobooks.  I’ll pick 3 subscribers at random (probably by rolling some multi-sided nerd dice).  Winners can choose from the fantasy adventure Tarnish or the superheroes vs zombie book Hungry Gods.  Both are narrated by voice talent Todd Menesses

So if you’re not signed up to receive my writer’s newsletter, do so now!  Click here, or just find the gadget on the upper-left side of my blog. 

And if you are already signed up, don’t be afraid to hookup your friends! 

(And don’t worry, so far I’ve only sent out three newsletters over a year’s time.  Definitely not spamming the crap out of anyone.)

Sign up by February 29th.  Celebrate the Leap Year.  Win a free audiobook adventure.  It’s that easy! 

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