Thursday, April 7, 2016

Superhero Giveaway, Space Pirates, and a Cyberspace Convention

I barely have time to bathe properly these days, much less write a nice, thorough blog post.  So I have to keep this brief.

THREE quick bits for you, Dear Readers:

My superhero/sci-fi novella (that's a short novel) INVASION is on giveaway on Goodreads right now.  I'm giving away 5 signed paperback copies, and you can win one!  It's got biomechanical insectoids, a badass gladitor woman, and a little bit of grownup sexy material.  Sign up by clicking here right now!  The giveaway ends on the 15th.

Speaking of Goodreads, this weekend is the Brains to Books Cyber Convention.  Lots of authors and lots of readers will be on-hand to answer questions, hold giveaways, and generally hang out online for you.  You can go to the "FAIRGROUNDS" by clicking here, wander from booth to booth, and see what's up.  And you can specifically come to my "booth" here.  Stop by, drop me a question or comment, and I'll get back you to as soon as I can.

And here's the list of bloggers hosting me and several other Sci-Fi authors for a blog tour.  Check them out too!

Stop #1 - Angela B. Chrysler -
Stop #2 - Timothy Bateson - https://timothybatesonauthor.wordpres...
Stop #3 - Belinda Crawford -
Stop #4 - M.T. McGuire -
Stop #5 - Kylie "Kraken" Jude -
Stop #6 - Ani -
Stop #7 - David M. Kelly -
Stop #8 - Goodreads - B2BCYCON -

And finally, some "Good news, good news!"  (Imagine Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane saying that to Boss Hogg).

Today I got an offer to purchase my space pirate short story from P. Alexander at Cirsova.  No idea when it'll come out yet, but it's certainly nice to be appreciated!  (I really like the voice on that story and am glad I finally found someone else who does too.)

Check out Cirsova's website here, and/or purchase their first issue on Amazon here.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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