Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wolf Colors

On my bounce between armies and inspiration, I wanted to throw up the pics of the only two Space Wolves I have painted so far.  I went for a slightly different, more blue color scheme.  I love the color Shadow Grey, a very sinister blue-grey tone.  I used that as my base color and dry brushed Fenris Grey over it.  I like the overall color for my future SW force.  This was also one of my first attempts at serious dry brushing.  I think I generally have a nice raw talent for painting but lack the well-trained techniqueof most of my hobbyist peers. 

I've also considered running a squad of Space Wolves with my usual Crimson Fists in the role of Assault Marines on foot or even Vanguard Vets.  This would be a friendly allied wolf pack that joined in the fight along side their CF brothers, taking up the close combat specialist role in the force.  If I ran them as VVs I could also sport a lot of special weapons to really portray the wolves right.

Speaking of Space Wolves, me and my buddy Vinn (is that right?  can't see your proper name from this screen) were recently talking about Blood Claws vs. Grey Hunters.  I was always feeling obligated to take a big unit of BCs and pay the extra points for Lukas but...  Is it really worth the points?  In making my SW lists I always feel cramped for points anyway, and spending 155 on Lukas and buying a big unit of WS3 guys who will rage-charge without shooting their pistols...  Maybe I'm better off with just sticking to good old reliable Grey Hunters with their superior stats and discipline.  Though I do like Lukas, over priced or not...  Maybe I could just make a Razorback-sized pack of Blood Claws, like 5 plus Lukas, who are given special assignments befitting their smaller size and meaner nature.  Like, "Lukas, take your boys over that hill and take out those artillery pieces.  Or go rip that objective away from that little squad and await reinforcements."  Something like that.  Smaller spec ops role rather than charge down the middle and try to kill everyone with your unwieldy numbers and bad attitudes.  Hmmm, I kinda like that....

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  1. Blood Claws can be fun and Lucas has some sweet special rules. But Ragnar with Grey Hunters is my first pick!