Saturday, May 26, 2012

Machinations of the Emperor: Or, what I've been working on...

I haven't been doing much playing or painting lately because instead I've been trying to get some writing off the ground.  Most relevant to most of this blog and community, I've been trying to get a Black Library novel proposal together.  As a struggling would-be author trying to break into the biz, I figure that's my best chance right now.  Plus, who wouldn't want to take part in creating a tiny corner of this exciting 40K universe we enjoy?

My novel would be the first of many potential adventures for Revis "Handsome" Kynes, a scar-faced sharker from a backwater world forced to join the ranks of the Imperial Guard when his planet (and sector) is raided by Dark Eldar.  I already have the second book basically figured out (story-wise, at least) and endless possibilities in mind for his reluctant journey through the 41st millennium.  What makes him different is that Handsome isn't a believer, he isn't all gung-ho.  He wants only to go home and go about his business.  That just isn't an option he's given.  (What makes the book different, too, is that my writing style tends to be a bit darker and more adult--I'm not talking porn, just tone and maturity--which I'm not sure Black Library will go for.)

The opener goes something like this:

     "Before I was the henchman of an Inquisitor, or mysteriously rescued by an Eldar farseer, or marked for life by a warp-spawned daemon, before I was even an Imperial Guardsman or a deserter sent to the penal legions, I was a sailor and a sharker. 
     "That’s right.  What, did you think I got this tattoo in the Guard?"

Okay, it ain't poety or nuthin, but at least it's different.  (I just hope different is good.) 

I also sent them a sample from a Space Wolf short story I've written.  If that doesn't fly then one day I can post it here on the blog in parts. 

But I also have some pics of my models saved up and ready for postings that should last me a little while, mostly for my "Heavy Handed" series.  Stay tuned...

(Images, by the way, taken from the appropriate codexes.)

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