Monday, June 18, 2012

Confession of a SuperVillain

Okay, I feel bad.  Apparently I did a bad thing.

I was astonished to discover how popular my previous blog entry was, especially since this is primarily a Warhammer crowd that sees this blog, and not very many of them.  And especially since the posting had to do with a very personal pat on the back that I honestly didn't think anyone give a crap about but me, but since it was *my* blog I figured, Why not use it to pat myself?  So I did, assuming that most who might peruse through my pages would see it and say, Who cares, this isn't why I look at this blog.

So thanks to blogspot's stats system, i was able to see where most of my hits were coming from.  Tracing one source back to the Writers of the Future forum, I browsed the recent postings and found a wanted poster hanging up with my name on it.  Well, not quite, but it was a link to my humble little blog kinda saying, Here's the culpret, go see the $#!^ he's posting!   This was apparently followed by a link on Facebook, which led an angry mob to my door with pitchforks and torches.

Not that I've gotten any death threats or anything, but i definitely seem to have incited a riot.  I have posted an apology for any unintentional wrong doing on the forum.  I hope those folks get that.

My next blog entry will be about Warhammer 40k again.  Not that this isn't *my* blog and that the writing aspect of my life isn't more important to me than the wargame hobbyist aspect, and not that I can't post whatever is important to *me* on my own blog, but just to let the flames die down a bit and let the cool, anonymous serenity that was settle back into my small, quiet, dewy little cyber-meadow.

(Hey, that ain't no supervillain talk!  Shoot someone!)

Shut-up, you.

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  1. We're watching... We're always watching... (And reading soon, we hope!)