Thursday, December 6, 2012


As an Eldar player for a long long time, I have my own ideas of how things should be.  And I will probably come up with more stuff later, but right now if Phil Kelly were to ask me what I think should be in the next Eldar codex, I'd say things like this:

* Phoenix Lords: Disciples: If you take a Phoenix Lord as a HQ choice, then his/her aspect counts as a troops choice in your army.  

* Phoenix Lords: Invuln: The Phoenix Lords are awesome individuals and you pay out the nose for them, averaging about 200 pts a piece.  Twice as much as a basic SM Captain or similar figure.  Why then, are they so damn squishy??  Basic HQ models in other armies have Invuln saves, and even some elite choices and a lot of Chaos army choices have them standard.  Why, then, does my 200pt HQ model NOT have one???  Asurmen is the only Phoenix Lord with an invuln save of 4+.  I suggest he maintain that to reflect his Battle Fate rule, while all other Lords get a 5+ invuln save.  I want a little more security for my investment! 

* Dark Reapers: the fluff talks about how the vanes on their helmets help their targeting, yet no rules reflect that.  Given that they are 35pt each, I figure we're due a little more bang for our buck.  I'd like to see them get Skyfire standard to reflect the fluff on their gear.  

* Dedicated Transports!  The elder have ONE and it costs 100 pts or more depending on weapon choice.  You can buy 3 rhinos for what one Wave Serpent costs.   That's killing us Space Elves.  And as the elves are more fragile in general than most, having a transport to move them is important, but at that price??  We need cheaper transports and more options for them (like venoms are for DE - give us a smaller, cheaper option too please).

* Similarly, there are some points comparisons which are depressing.  And some not, I admit.  Sixteen points for a power sword wielding Init 10 banshee is a pretty good deal, but 45 plus weapon for a fragile, open-topped vyper when a sturdier land speeder comes WITH its weapon for 50 is a bit off.  I suppose one could argue the rip-offs balance out with the bargains for the Eldar but, especially in comparison to the newer codices, I think Eldar tend to be over-priced.

* Shuriken Catapults - they suck!  Their stat line is fine, in keeping with bolters and other high-end standard issue shooty bits, but their range is terrible.  Twelve inches standard, 18 for the "advanced" Avenger 'pults.  So guardians, who suck anyway, cannot fire on anyone until they are close enough to get killed first.  That has to change!  I suggest 18" for standard and 24" for Avengers.  And it logically follows that shuriken cannons should be better than a meager 24" as well - make them 30" or even 36" please.

* And speaking of shuriken cannons, the Death Jester Shrieker Cannon: basically the "virulent toxins" that make folks explode are only worth a pinning test, which most will pass.  It sounds like a poisoned weapon to me.  I'd say Strength 6 in keeping with the shuriken cannon pattern, but never requires worse than a 4+ to wound no matter the targets toughness. And pinning.  Or, if they cause the target to swell and rupture, maybe it's an instant death weapon? 

* Bring back the Harlequin Solitaire.  Kind of like the SW lone wolf, a single dude who wanders alone but is bad ass.  Maybe with a Guardsman Marbo kind of infiltrate rule, neuro-disruptor that reduced enemy's Init or Attacks, some kind of psychic power...  I could actually come up with quite a bit on Harlequins, but think they are pretty good as is. 

* Psychic powers - this applies to the 6th edition 40K as a whole.  Currently to take random powers from the main rulebook you have first pay whatever the normal , varying prices are for your codex powers and then trade them for a random power.  So you might have to buy one at 20pts and the next at 30pt just to get a grab bag prize.  I suggest that ALL random rulebook-based psychic powers cost a flat rate of 20pts for all armies.  If you prefer your codex powers (and sometimes I do) then pay as per the codex.  

* Warlocks: I'd like to see warlocks become independent characters like Elite-choice Chaplains, Blood Angel medics, and IG priests.  Or we can follow the wolf guard and necron royal court examples and say you buy so many and then distribute them throughout the army.  So for the Eldar's codex let's say this:  0-5 Warlocks can be taken per HQ choice you take, no matter who that HQ is.  They count as an HQ choice but do not use up a slot.  They then operate as independent characters and can join other units, or can form a squad with a farseer.

* Jet Bikes - While I love the advantage of the 3+ armor save, it doesn't make much sense compared to the DE Reaver save of 5+.  Instead riding a jetbike improves Toughness and Armor Save both by +1.  So for Guardians it'd be 4+ armor save, shining spears 3+ and the exarch 2+ (standard aspect armor is 4+, exarch 3+).  Then for warlocks and farseers I'd say the wraithbone breast plate counts as both an armor and invuln save of 4+, so on a bike armor is 3+, invuln still 4+.  (And of course the improved catapult range of 18".)

Okay, that's all I got right now.  I don't think I'm asking for a freakin' Blood Angels codex here (every bleepity-bleep advantage you can imagine at no points cost, cheatin' bastards...), just a fair shake to keep up with all the rest of the Joneses in the galaxy.
What do YOU think???


  1. This is pretty much bang on. A few things I would add are:

    Aspect warriors with included abilities. For example, giving striking scorpions infiltrate and move through cover without paying 25 points.

    A powerful, distinct eldrich psychic discipline, keeping the original flavour but bringing it in line with newer codices. Eldar are meant to be amongst the top psykers, if not THE top and I don't want to just use those core disciplines.

    That said, making the autarch a decent choice would be appreciated. I had a cool idea that he could have a bodyguard units comprised of exarch, call it an exarch council to mirror the warlocks. Give them BS 5, 2 attacks and weapon choices from across the aspects, like the autarch has.

    Finally, and this is just wishful thinking, but BS4 vehicles? Perhaps some upgrade that lets an aspect warrior pilot them (new pilot aspect?)

    Sorry for the late/long post but I enjoyed your list so much I thought I would add mine!

    1. Thanks for the compliments and the great additions! I especially like the idea that an autarch could have a war council of exarchs with him. I'd imagine them to be specific to their aspects and armed accordingly.

      Speaking of exarchs, I'm okay with buying warrior powers but i would like to see them a little cheaper. I agree, Eldar psychics should be more powerful -- I like the powers we have but would like them to have some other advantages there too. Warlocks need more options for their automatic powers (the ones they have are okay but not great). And vehicles with BS4 would be nice. I'm okay with the fluff that guardians are activated citizen reservists, so to speak, but you'd think the pilots would be more professional and regular, thus BS4. All Dark Eldar are WS/BS 4 but they're all raiders and fighters, not artisans called to arms. I can see both sides but wouldn't complain if Eldar got better.

  2. As regards the exarch council that is exactly how I see it, there is already some basis in lore with the court of the young king (though this is of course revolved around summoning the avatar).

    As for the BS4 pilots, I think the problem is the current codex has missed something. Aspect Warriors ARE the professional army, and I agree that Guardians are essentially reservists. They would surely have a professional navy as well, not relying on citizens to pilot their tanks, but not necessarily employing an aspect for this either.

    As regards the exarch powers you are completely right, I would hate to lose the option to choose my squads speciality (eg bladestorm or defend) but it strikes me that there are a few no brainer abilities (such as scorpions with move through cover) that it feels daft to even pay for.

    Good discussion!

    1. I agree, if they took Fleet away from the scorpions than it stands to reason that they should get Move Thru Cover (because that was the rationale for why they aren't as quick--they are instead sneaky). Hear-hear!! And you're right, the tanks and heavy war gear would be piloted and maintained by that wing of the Craftworld that tends to such duties, thus a standing, skeletal professional military. And if nothing else, the Eldar are all hundreds or thousands of years old compared to puny human Guardsmen, and the Eldar are an elite race anyway, so yes, they should have BS4 on their vehicles.

      Who do we have to talk to to get some progress around here...?!