Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winds of Change

In the wake of Games Workshop's power grab and copyright bullying, it seems all the more recent frustrations with GW are coming to a head.  I could try to spell them out but "Kiour-gr" has already done it better.  I normally don't care for blogs that just reblog other folk's bloggings (that's some lazy blogging IMO), but he's pretty much got it all covered over on "Tabletop Wars in Cambridge":

As I commented there, I've been tiring of old G-Dub for a while now.  I love the 40K universe and I certainly don't think that everyone in the company or creative team is a lazy, greedy bastard, but some folks with great influence there must be.  The constant price hikes, the new codices that drive everyone to buy whole new armies to keep up, apparently reserving skyfire weaponry for the new armies (thus you must buy new ones to keep up), the directions that White Dwarf has been moving toward (away from a quality hobby mag and more a big advertisement for whatever is new and expensive)...  I could go on.

Basically, I'm not dead dropping my hobby or 40K, but I really don't want to feed this monster anymore.  I have more than enough 40K crap to keep me busy and playing long beyond my meager lifespan--no need to give them any more money.  There are also plenty of other great miniature companies and sculptors out there, plus lots of conversion opportunities for the creative player.  But I also hope to branch out and start playing other games.  I actually would like to try some of the Fantasy Flight board games (cool, complex, and cooperative games with a one-time investment).  We played Arkham Horror the other day, and now that we've fumbled through the rules once I think we'll actually enjoy it a second time.  My friend Josh swears by Malifaux and Wyrd as a gaming company -- the game has a good system and new feel (steampunk-western-horror) and the company actually listens to their players and welcomes their input.  I'm sure there's plenty of cool games out there, though since I barely find time to paint or play 40K, I won't likely be starting any big new hobbies.  I just know Games Workshop's golden age has come to a close and if they don't change their attitude, they'll be entering a twilight soon enough.

**By the way, as a great example of the very spirit I'm encouraging here, the picture is a homemade Lord of Change by "akonstad", stolen from here:

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