Saturday, February 2, 2013

Altered Reality #1

I got to playing with the photo editing program on my computer and spent (wasted) hours on there!  I can't help myself, once I get going I can't stop.  I discovered a filter I just loved and kept altering pics of my 40k models.  As you can see, it gives them a rough watercolor-pencil look:

My main regret is I don't like the white backgrounds so much, but altering them that much will look like I colored the background in with a crayon or something.

I think I'll do a short series on the photos I tweaked.  I want to share my new art with the blogosphere -- and let's face it, I likely won't have much else hobby-related to blog about for a while as I work on other projects.  (See my writer's blog for details, if you're curious.)

I'm going to mix up the themes on the altered pics, but as most of my painted models are Crimson Fists, expect to see lots of those.  You might even see the same pics more than once either cropped differently or twisted in some other way.  Again, once I get going on there...

The good news is that this actually motivates me to paint just so I can make new photo art!  

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