Friday, July 19, 2013

25% Off for New Fantasy Novel Download

After twelve years of development, including the last four years of writing and rewriting, I have FINALLY published my fantasy novel!

And the timing couldn't be better because throughout the month of July is doing a summer reading sale which I have volunteered all my books for.  And don't worry, no matter what format you prefer, Smashwords has it.  From now through July 31 the e-book versions of my new novel Tarnish (sale price of $2.99, damn good for what would be more than 400 pages in print), the novella The Prince of Luster and Decay (a Tarnish prequel for sale at only $1.49), and the short story trio A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley (also a steal at $1.49) are all 25% off the regular price.  Just click the titles above for direct links.  And if you prefer to get your books through, all three are also available there (just at regular price).  I am also working to get Tarnish into paperback and hope to have that done in a couple weeks.

And if you like what you see/read, spread the word!  And once you've read them, don't be shy about writing a review to let me and any prospective readers know if the book is worth their time and money.  (Hopefully it is.)
ENJOY and THANKS for the support!!!

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