Monday, July 1, 2013

Suspicious Growth: Chaos Obliterator Conversions

The Obliterators are an awesome Chaos asset and on my standard list I carry a pair of them.  The GW models, however...  They are kinda cool, but also kind of cartoonish, and definitely expensive (especially the last gen metal ones).  So I made my own.

Somewhere along the line I rescued some old metal Chaos Termies from a bits bin.  I have four bodies and arms, though the arms are gathered up in a baggie in *my* bits bin.  Of the four, I planned on making 3 oblitz and my own Typhus.  That Typhus conversion is on a long list of modeling projects to get to "some day".  Right now I have two oblitz made and won't be getting to a third anytime soon, mostly because 2 tends to be enough for me.

So the primary components are: old metal Chaos Terminator, Space Marine Devastator arm, and greenstuff.  Here you can see I snipped up a marine multimelta arm.  The oblitz's other arm is from the Chaos Possessed Marine kit.  I then used greenstuff to make cover the joining and mutuate the guy.  Easy-peasy.

I made the first one a couple years ago (has it really been that long???) and have long since primed him black.  The paint makes it harder to make him out in the pictures but you can see he has a marine Heavy Bolter arm with cool ammo belt running from his tentacle-opening in his back.

I have a plasma cannon waiting to be stitched on if I ever feel the need to make a third.  Three would be devastating but two does the job just fine, especially considering they take 2 wounds and have a 2+/5++ save--they tend to have a lot of endurance and deliver just the right kind of firepower at just the right time.  I love my oblitz.

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