Monday, August 19, 2013

The Usual Suspects (part 2): Mutant Ogres on Parade

A flash of inspiration hit me a week or so ago and I immediately got on Ebay to see what I could see.  I decided that it was time to get me some of them thar big ugly fantasy warhammer ogres to add to my 40K Chaos forces.  And so I did.  And to my own surprise, I jumped right in and got all six put together, mutations and all, in a mere two days this weekend.

They were pure fun to assemble.  Unlike the teeny, tiny parts of a Dark Eldar model or Daemonette, the ogres are big guys with big parts and pretty basic.  That doesn't mean I skipped the part where I just stare at my choices and survey sprues imagining good combos.  And with the vast array of bits provided, plus other bits I've acquired here and there, I decided that I need more bodies!  The Ogre Bulls box comes with six bodies but enough bits for many more.  I may have to get me some more bodies just to use all the good parts and see what other mutant combos I can come up with.

So what will I use them for?  I'm big into "counts-as" and conversions, especially for Chaos forces.  If I'm fielding mostly Chaos Space Marines I'll likely use them as Spawn.  The S5 T5 W3 stats fit well.  For my newly dreaming Daemon army, I'll likely use them as Bloodcrushers -- big brutes of Khorne with S5 T4 and W3, plus AP3 blades.  I am also thinking of using a couple of them as Heralds, minor HQ models also with high stats and stamina.

This first one is the master hunter, the pack leader.  He looks more cunning than the rest.  Lots of personality (and none of it good).

My standard bearer made use of a unique weapon bit, the man-trap.  It's hand-held and I decided to have a third hand protruding from the hole in his stomach to hold it.  I had to have a long, curved snip of paperclip drilled into the ceiling of his gut hole and then into the hand, plus some greenstuff for a forearm.

I call this guy Bert and Ernie.  I was originally thinking of that name going to the last model on this list (more ironically fitting), but these guys have more of the Odd Couple mismatched roommates thing going on. I really wanted to put a two-headed guy in here somewhere, especially since there were so many head options -- it seemed a waste not to use more than six of them.  I filed down the neck-knob and pinned these heads off-center.  It was difficult to get them both in there without crowding.  The placement looks a little awkward in this pic, more so than it does in the flesh.

I was determined to have someone with a big toothy maw in that gut hole.  I started out trying to cut up knife bits then found some extra Seekers of Slaanesh spiky parts in a little baggy.  It didn't quite turn out as nice as I'd have liked, but my fingers are too big for anything better.  There's really not much room to work with here.  But that's okay -- mutants mouths should be uneven and grusome.  This model is also my Instrument player should I pay for one -- he's a yodeller, ya see.  And rather than risk screwing up that beautiful singing voice, he developed another mouth to do the flesh-eating work.

My first assembled and my bad-ass.  He'll double as a Herald of Khorne.  Outfit the Herald with a Juggernaut and he becomes S5 T5 W3.  I can definitely see him joining my beatsmen squad (counts-as bloodletters -- still need to put them together too) and lumbering into combat.

My last I call the Ventriloquist, for obvious reasons.  He was almost Bert and Erie, for obvious reasons.  This big fat triple-chinned head was actually my favorite one and I wanted it to be special.  This guy (or one of these guys) I might also run as a Herald of Nurgle with my zombies (count-as plaguebearers).  Give the Herald a palaquin and he's even more durable and bulky than the Khorne Herald. I stuck the head on one of only two arms that actually stick out like that, then greenstuffed them together with some strands of goop.  So the second head is more a growth, like his twin brother of something.  And notice how the main head's mouth is closed while the puppet is talking -- he's good!

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