Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Military SF, A Signed Novel Giveaway, and the Worldcon SF Convention

With the big three-day weekend coming up, I have three big announcements to make (well, relatively big, blog-world speaking).

1. I have just published my almost-award-winning novelette of military sci-fi action, The Thorne Legacy:

Corporal Cranston Thorne is the black sheep of the family and about to be kicked out of System Guard for his selfish and reckless behavior. His father, Captain Thanos Thorne, would like nothing more than to see that happen, but unfortunately he can’t stay for the court-martial; a remote outpost has gone silent and he must take the fleet out to face a possible attack. But in the fleet’s absence, it’s the planet that is attacked and it’s up to Corporal Thorne, who’s never cared about anyone but himself, to save planet Giger and restore the family name.

This novelette was a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, first quarter, 2012, and is part of the forth-coming Endless Dark trilogy.

This story is available only in e-format and can currently be found on and

2. I have joined up with Cricthon at Your Daily Sci-Fi on Facebook to announce a drawing that will run through the holiday weekend. Anyone who "likes" that Facebook page and "likes" the contest announcement or "befriends" my own J. D. Brink Facebook page will be entered into a drawing to win a free signed paperback of my fantasy novel Tarnish. Cricthon will determine the winner and announce it on Tuesday. The contest ends at 11:59pm on Monday, September 2nd (so at midnight).

3. This weekend is WORLDCON, the World Science Fiction Convention, and it's right here in San Antonio. Thanks to the gang from the Writers of the Future Contest for tipping me off, because the local media certainly didn't! (They tend to talk about things AFTER they're over... "Happy Monday morning, San Antonio! Guess what you missed THIS weekend?!") I'm really hoping to make it downtown to check it out but haven't found the time yet to look over the convention schedule to see what day would be good for me. The biggest event of the weekend will be the Hugo science fiction awards ceremony (which is a really big deal!) on Sunday evening. It'd be really cool to attend that but I doubt i'll be available on Sunday night to make it. But hopefully I'll see some of you folks reading this right now downtown at the convention!

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