Sunday, October 20, 2013

Red Skull Chaos Bikers Progress

I didn't get quite as far as I'd hoped, despite spending more time than I'd expected.  I've found that I'm getting more lazy and impatient with every day that passes (therefore I must assume I age at ten times the normal rate).  It's hard to convince myself to invest the time and effort into painting.  Seems like anything I expect to take more than 5 minutes is stealing time from other half-ass projects I could be reluctantly working on.

Theses bikes will belong to my Red Skull Biker Gang, the models for which can be seen in an earlier post.  I figure I'll get all six bikes prepped and then do the models.  None of which should be too hard.  As I mentioned (lazy and impatient), I'm not planning to make them overly complex in the paint job.

And these pictures are very poor.  I tried three different areas of lighting, none of them show the bikes well.  Basically I got black, red, and gun metal on them, plus a little detail.  One bike was already mostly done from before and serves as my example for the others, though it's still evolving too.  The other two just have some basic color on them.  These are all second-hand models and must some have a couple layers of paint on them already -- the details are getting thick.  But that's alright, hopefully the riders will distract from the bikes themselves.

Also spent some of my hobby time today taking pictures of stuff to post on Ebay.  (I just don't need all this crap!)  Although I did take pics of my painted Crimson Fist basic marine squad and old school termies with the intention of selling them... Though seeing the pics, it's tough for me to part with painted models.  We'll see...

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