Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chaos Bikers: Red Skull Biker Gang WIP

I made some real headway on my Chaos Biker Gang today, pulling off some greenstuff conversion work that I'm *mostly* happy with.  We'll have to see how the experiments turn out in the end.  For now I'm not going to go into any detail or description.  This is an all-pics, "teaser" kind of progress report.



  1. I like them, particularly the hooded one and the skull himself

    1. Thanks, TJ. Those are definitely the most chaotic-looking ones. A couple look more like loyalists but much of my Chaos marine force will -- I think of them as relatively fresh converts. I want to use models I have rather than go buy a host of new guys in power armor so most will just be traitorous Crimson Fists, Space Wolves, and Angels of Purity (my renegade Dark Angels chapter).