Friday, October 18, 2013

Superhero Progress Report

This update is taken today from the IN THE WORKS page of my writer's blog Fugitives of Purgatory, where interested parties can occasioanlly check to see what I'm working on and what my intended writing release schedule looks like. It's nice to have something to update from time to time, as that helps push me to keep working. I have several things in mind that I expect to be bouncing around on here and there, though I'll primarily be focusing on stories for my upcoming collection of superheroic exploits, Dreams of Flying.

* * *

Presently Underway:
Dreams of Flying
I am writing four new novella-length superhero tales to combine with two previous short stories to make an all-new collection packed with spandex, superpowers, and perilous deathtraps! Actually, I think you'll find the superheroes here-in will not quite be the tights-wearing types that you're used to...

Progress Update: October 16th:
The first draft of the first story, "Hungry Gods," is coming along very nicely. It's actually much longer than I anticipated, currently hitting the 24,000 word mark and I still have a ways to go. I expect to be trimming that up in the revision process, but I'm glad there's so much story to tell here! At this rate, though, if the other stories exceed my expectations by so much, the complete collection will be pushing 400 or 500 pages. Not that that's such a bad thing but... Not quite what I intended.

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