Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bloody Fist: Ex- Crimson Fist Chaos Raptor

I got about an hour of private time before the three year old came home today and finally sat down to paint something.  I find that convincing myself to paint is hard to do.  I have this barrier in my mind that keeps telling me it's too much work and requires too much of an investment and I should be doing something else, yada-yada-yada.  So deciding to finish changing this Crimson Fist assault marine into a chaotic cousin was somewhat of a cop-out (it was basically painted already except for the new head), but at least it's some form of progress!

I like the way the horns turned out, but the real progress for me was in the highlighting/dry brushing.  I tend to be very conservative when it comes to this step and by the end it generally looks like I didn't do much at all.  So this time I "went crazy" and did a pretty high contrast color.  I think it ultimately was a bit too much of a contrast, but in the case of a Chaos Marine it makes him look old and decayed and somewhat spectral, which works for this model.  I'll have to experiment some more with others and see what I can do.

So there it is, one lousy model, but since I probably average only about 3-5 painted a year, that's like months of work in only an hour!  Peace-out.  Oh, I mean: Death to the false emperor!


  1. I like the brighter highlight. It gives him a sort of Night Lords look, ethereal. Hey, progress is progress regardless!

    1. Thanks, Thor. He's a pretty basic model but I do like the highlights. I need to do more of them like that.