Sunday, December 15, 2013


I bought myself an early Christmas present and just wanted to spread the good news for all my fellow comic book nerds out there.  I highly recommend this hefty tome be put on your wish list for Santa.  Below is the review I've posted on Amazon about the book:

"This is a fantastic book.  Every page is both a wealth of historical interest and full-color bravado.  It fully explores the evolution of modern superheroes, beginning with the classic pulps of the 1930s and coming all the way to titles on the shelves and movies on the screen today.  And even as I read it from the beginning, I was flipping through here and there to read small segments on my favorite heroes or just enjoy the full-color scraps and page samples cast throughout.  Really a wonderful non-fiction tome for those of us who grew up wanting to wear colorful spandex."

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