Monday, March 30, 2015

Free Fiction Preview and Another Prison Break from Amazon

Just a quick note on new re-releases:

Puppet Theatre is out again, this time including not only the fun, 60's-Batman-esque short story "Puppet Theatre", but also the first four chapters of Hungry Gods.  You can find this ebook FREE just about everywhere except Amazon ('cause they don't play free without strings attached).  Here's a few links where you can find it now.  You might also find it elsewhere soon enough, as it spreads even further to where good ebooks are sold (and given away):

My gritty, coming-of-age, fantasy novel Tarnish is once again free from the Kindle Select pact that I'd signed in blood.  Which means you don't have to get it from Amazon anymore, you can find it just about anywhere else you buy books or ebooks too.  And the audiobook is well over halfway done, richly told by a master of voices, Todd Menesses.  (Click his name for a link to his own website.)  Here's a few links for Tarnish, too, though you'll find it at some more locales as news of its freedom spreads throughout the land:

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