Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Series Reveal: New Identity Crisis Super Hero Universe

Series Reveal: IDC versus IDCU

Because there’s too much superheroic adventure for just one series!

The IDENTITY CRISIS series centers on events and characters surrounding the Phenomenal Five, past, present, and future.  This will consist of at least the original IDC Trilogy.  (Did you catch that at least in there…?)
Hungry Gods:  Third-string superhero Spitball is recruited by the Army to save a small Midwestern town from the zombie apocalypse.

The IDENTITY CRISIS UNIVERSE is a free-flowing series of individual stories and novels peripheral the IDC storyline, featuring heroes and villains across the breadth of time and space within this rich spandex-sporting universe.  Some tales will interconnect like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, while other will be completely free-standing stories in their own right.  In the IDCU, the possibilities are endless!
Dreams of Flying:  Three tales exploring the past, present, and future of the Identity Crisis Universe.
“Invasion” – A trio of heroes go into space in a preemptive strike against an alien attack.
“Puppet Theatre” – A different kind of vigilante fights for justice from his recliner. 
“Dreams of Flying” – A grocery store manager has special gifts and fantastic ambitions, but his first encounter with real thugs teaches him a life lesson.

Both series may expand beyond all boundaries in the years to come.  So strap on your capes, adjust your goggles, and enjoy the ride!

2016 UPDATE: The info in this post is now dated.  Dreams of Flying has been taken down and will return in 2017 with a few new stories.  I pulled Invasion out and made it its own stand-alone book.  The ending that developed naturally through story evolution demanded another book. It will eventually be the first in a series of three.  (And as I am still a slave to the 50+ hour-a-week day job, "eventually" cannot be yet defined.)

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