Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Free and Discounted Fantasy Fiction: Final Phase of the Fall Fallout

Wow, that's a lot of F's.

This is the final week of my "Fall Fallout Campaign" during which I've been running discounts on almost all of my ebooks.  I don't expect to be running any deals for quite some time, so get them while you can!

My 400-page fantasy novel Tarnish is just 0.99 (dollars or pounds, US or UK) right now through the 22nd.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking here now.

Being a hero isn’t as easy as the tavern tales would have you believe. 

Billy Cole has always been a quick study, be it at telling tales, brewing ale, or swordplay. 

And yet it surprises Wil Thunderstrike, his alter ego, at just how hard and fast the lessons come on his first venture into the real world of back-alley thieves, traveling talespinners, and warriors of renown.  

Wil’s quest is to find epic heroes to save his home town, but it'll take more than a sword and the inspiring tales of his legendary idols to survive the harsh world beyond Redfield.  And the further he travels into the night, the darker he gets.

Tarnish is a grittier coming-of-age story than you’re used to, where destiny is forged, not written.  

What kind of hero would you be?

You can also pick up The Prince of Luster and Decay, a Tarnish prequel story, for FREE through the 22nd.  Find it on Amazon right now by clicking here.

In war, men don't only fight the enemy. Sometimes they must also fight themselves.

Sergeant Knox leads the Head Knockers, a unit of scout-saboteurs in the war against the Dread Duke and his armies. They are the favorite squad among Captain Brighton’s Stormwalkers, until an ambush kills the Captain, half the company, and Knox’s best men.

Now the new Captain has new orders.  He’s sending the Head Knockers to investigate the possible source of the attack.  The town they find appears empty, but there’s something waiting for them there.  And they’ll need both heart and steel to defeat it.

This stand alone, sword and soldiery novella gives a glimpse into history of the fantasy novel Tarnish.

Only a few days left!

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