Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Writer vs. Publisher: Superhero vs. Alter Ego

I find myself spending all my "writing" time working on "publisher" tasks and not getting enough new writing done.

Lately I'm doing all of the following (other than writing):

  * Searching for, discussing/negotiating with, and preparing materials for a cover artist.
  * Filing paperwork and scheduling time for having a book sale and signing in the next couple weeks (at which time I'll spend a whole day doing that instead of writing).
  * Reformating (and trying to resist the urge to revise again) a novella I'm republishing as it's own stand-alone book.
  * Reviewing/listening to the audiobook files for Hungry Gods that's in production now.
  * Fretting over what project I should be working on next (while actually writing the prequel to Hungry Gods) and figuring out a schedule of intended works for 2016.
  * Scheduling and marketing my "Fall Fallout" sales campaign, of which the third and final phase is on right now.
  * Continuing to send out short stories when they come back rejected, researching the next best market, and getting it back into the "mail," as well as recording all of that.

Very frustrating, and I wonder how much of it is necessary.  I need to start sacrificing some of this for actual writing.  The sacrifice I see making (which I'm sure flies in the face of many fellow indies in my position) is the marketing/promotion!  I really don't think it pays back the time and money we tend to dump into it, so I'm not going to allow it to suck up much time.  Even though I have a sale on RIGHT NOW!  

And all of this is on top of working 50+ hours a week and having a family.  This is why time is more valuable to me than money!

So what I'm saying is, I need to be Clark Kent less often and Superman much more!

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