Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last Week for Free Audiobook

We're closing on the last few days to get registered on my mailing list in time to make the audiobook giveaway.

Everyone signed up by Leap Year (Feb 29) will qualify to win 1 of 3 free audiobook downloads of either Tarnish or Hungry Gods.

Meanwhile, I started a new job in the Naval hospital this week, in a new department I have no prior experience in, so I'm not getting much writing done.  On top of that, my wife just had surgery and is laid-up, so that means less escape time as well.  Hoping to crank out a few pages today, but doesn't look likely...

I'm working on Deus Ex Machina, which Hungry Gods book 2 -- it's kind of like superheroes meets James Bond in this adventure.  Going to be great fun, if I can get the time to write the darn thing...

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