Saturday, February 6, 2016

Working on the Chain Gang

Finishing out a 60 hour work week and rolling right into a brief (too brief) vacation tomorrow.  About time!  As anyone who got my Conspiracy Newsletter may have read, I've been working a lot of hours in 2016, and not many of them on writing, reading, or hobby projects.  Almost none, in fact.

Speaking of the Conspiracy Newsletter, did you hear that anyone signed up by Leap Year (Feb 29th) is automatically in the running for a free audiobook...?

Despite the harsh chain gang life, I have managed to write the first 3 chapters of Deus Ex Machina, the sequel to Hungry Gods and chock full o' Spitball's next adventure (and misadventure).

I've marked off a few more side projects and updates off my to-do list as well, but still have a ways to go.  One of which is making a new website for Brink's Chaos Theory.  (I'll obviously let you know when that happens.)

Another is to get involved in the Brains to Book Cyber Convention on Goodreads in April.  There'll be a lot of authors and readers participating, so be sure to check that out for freebies, deals, activities, and Q&A sessions online with writers you know and more you're about to discover.

Well, the Taskmaster is cracking his whip. Better get back to work...


  1. Long work weeks with little downtime is rough. Enjoy the short vacation!

    1. Thanks, Thor. Yeah, it's rough! My vaca is almost over and other than a nice snowy getaway, I don't think i'm going to get much else caught up on. Never enough time…