Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holding Back Hell

Good news:  I actually got a game in today!  My first in over 6 months and my first in San Antonio.  I'm dont think it's worth writing up any full-blown battle report but I fought against a Daemon army and DAMN was it a rough list!  Definitely a "competative list", which I don't make much of myself, but for having not played in so long and forgotten several things that would have been to my advantage, I think I did pretty good!  Annihilation game that I took all the way to turn seven before giving up my last model, and after facing a stampeeding horde of Blood Crushers (bloodletters riding juggernauts--terrible!) and a greater daemon character who gave nearly everyone rerolls on all their saves (they'd have died a LOT sooner without this), I feel pretty happy with the results.  Did I good amount of damage myself too.  The Crimson Fists did Pedro proud today.

(and here is an older family pic of my models--the piclooks better than the real thing i think...)

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  1. Glad you're fighting the good fight. I won my first game in eight weeks on wednesday. I played against CSM. Fun times.