Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Plans of a Frustrated Bastard

I'm trying, I swear!  As I said, I'm time-poor.  Starving to death, is more like it. Bankrupt for time!  I finally got seated and my damn computer working and now I have to go again.  But I got plans, big plans.  I want to do book reviews (not many, as a read at the rate of a fifth-grader who's just as time-poor), lots of 40k post ideas, talk about (vent) the frustrations of trying to break into the writing world, etc.  I also have to find time to explore the cyber-landscape, check out other folks' blogs, get to know the Matrix as it were (referring to Gibson's original cyberpunk, not necessarily the Wski-Bros movies).

Okay, and a passing car just hit its brakes and honked, which probably means the stupid dog is in the street.  Maybe after I retire I'll get to play on this damn thing.

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