Friday, July 20, 2012


Just a short note here.  These are my first two prototypic Sternguard models (in dramatic buddy-cop TV close-ups).  For better than 2 years I’ve been telling myself I need to come up with something that makes my sternguard vets stand out from the rest of my Fists, and now I have it.  I ordered these Spartan-styled heads from Scibor’s miniatures (  He’s got some good stuff over there!  When I finally get around to building the sergeant, he may have the torso of a blood angel sanguary guard, which is some very Greek epic hero-type armor, plus a grey knight halberd/spear hand.  It’s all still in the works.  I generally would prefer not to post guys not completed but I was kinda excited about how they were looking.   

I’m also kinda excited about playing my first game muddling through the 6th ed rules.  J and I are planning to have a go at it sometime soon, probably with a small force of 1250 pts or so just to test the waters.  So the last few days I’ve been dreaming up the kind of list that will let me play with a variety of new rules, such as the new psychics, vehicle rules, jetbikes, jump troops, snipers, allies, etc.  I’m also very eager to try the new character stuff—there’s nothing I like more than seeing the most unlikely minor hero turn out to be the VIP of the war effort! 

So at the risk of exposing valuable intel to my enemy, here’s the rough list I’m thinking of playing:


Brainiac -- level 2 Librarian
Scouts (5) snipers
Tac squad (10)
Assault Squad (6)
Predator Tank
Sternguard (5)
Land Speeder
Drop Pod


The Vandel Prince -- autarch on jetbike
Guardian Jetbikes (4+1)
Warlock on Jetbike

My list is somewhat influenced by the fact that I’d like to run mostly painted models, though I haven’t decided yet who will play the role of Brainiac in this school play – don’t really have a librarian model, but also no lack of candidates who want the part!

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