Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Great Schism

The Great Schism here isn't referring to Chaos in the Warhammer universe (sorry to disappoint).

If you've perused this blog before you may notice some changes.  For one, the down-the-gullet shot of my badass defiler here used to be my profile photo rather than my background.  (Damn, I'm going to have to run my Chaos again soon just so i can use this monstrosity!)  You may also notice an awesome classic image from Gustave Dore taken from his work on Dante's Divine Comedy, now nestled at the top of my menu.  The Schism here is the creation of a new website and subsequent separation of my cyber-activities.  Brink's Chaos Theory will continue to be my 40K blog (about 80-90% of the content), while still occasionally featuring other topics as I see fit (it is my blog, after all).

Fugitives of Purgatory is my new author's website.  If you take a moment to check it out, you'll find what that's all about.  In a nutshell, I'm taking my writing ambitions in a new and more active direction.  Therefore, 80-90% of my blog activity on writing will go there, though some articles and entries will cross-pollinate from time to time.  (After all, who's going to promote my work if not me??)

And if the Emperor finds me favorable, I may one day be sharing news of forth-coming 40K stories and/or novels from the Black Library (submissions in their in-box at this time).  THAT would be wonderful, but whether or not I am chosen to join the BL's illustrious chapter of writer-astartes, I'll soon be producing work of my own for free and for sale in e-book format.  Stay tuned for that.  And for more 40K and other entries.

Let the Chaos Theorizing continue...

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