Friday, January 4, 2013

ODDS AND ENDS (and the end of 2012, part 1)

I haven’t posted anything in a while, reason being between the holidays, travel to and from Ohio, a snow storm, and being very ill, I have been busy.  So here’s a hodge-podge of Chaos Theory to wrap up 2012:

1.  And, HEY, my typing that, i just realized that this blog is now a year old!  Or will be in four days.  Congrats to me!  I’m surprised I have been able to maintain it and am glad to have the handful of followers that I do.  Thanks for tuning in!! 

2.  My hobby plans for 2013 continue to be my Black Phoenix project, a merging of Dark and Craftworld Eldar into one stylish and creepy force for Elven survival.  To that end I have a few recent pics here:

These are my “dark” fire dragons so far.  What’s that?  They just look like DE Warrior builds?  Well, they are.  But since they came out I’ve thought the warriors could make better dragons than the dragons ever did!  Their armor is rigid and scaly and spiky and bladed...  They just look way more like dragons to me.  I’ve got some conversion ideas in mind for the Exarch/Phoenix Lord model and hope to be done with them soon.  And like my previous dragons, i can’t decide on just one paint scheme.  With just these three my brain overlays different colors when I stare at them, so I might just have a uniformly orange helmet scheme and let their armor differ.  When next you see them I hope to have 5 of them painted and ready to burn down the enemy.

I also ordered this Dark Ages model on ebay without really knowing how big it was.  I figured she’d make a good succubus or haemonc or something, but now that I have her I see she is about double the size of an ordinary eldar model so...  I have something else in mind (I love writing up my own fluff for counts-as conversions).  That will follow once I get her painted as well (sometime in 2014 at this rate).

3.  Part of this focus on my Eldar also includes downsizing my overall Warhammer holdings – I have way more crap than I’m ever going to use!  I intend to narrow down my stuff to my Crimson Fists and related marine force and my immediate Eldar needs.  And as I replace Eldar models with converted units, I’ll be trying to shed those too.  I hate to rid myself of all my Chaos stuff though, and probably won’t, but real focus and eye-to-eye realism with myself needs to take hold.  My would-be plans for an ally of nearly every army is just never gunna happen and I need to cut things to the core here.

4.  I have also played two games with J in the last month.  It is unlikely I’ll find the time to write each up properly, but I’d like to give each a quickie report.  But that would make for a very, very long single entry, so I guess I’ll do this in two parts...

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