Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black Phoenix: Dark Fire Dragons

I have finally finished building my "dark" fire dragons for my Black Phoenix Eldar army (combined dark eldar and craftworlders with sinister flare).  These are my fire dragons.  As I stated in an earlier post, the DE warrior models make better scaly, horny, spiky dragons than the eldar models do, and now I have proof! (At least I think so.)

The exarch I gave an incubus head and made his dragons breath flamer/super-melta (fire pike) by cutting the tip and scope off a warrior dark lance and filing down the shoulder to allow for a new position. I'm really happy with the way he came out.

And the way they all came out, really.  Now I just have to paint them!  Should have that done by...  2015 maybe?

I ran out of blasters and so gave the female a blast pistol and melta bomb to show her armament.  Works just as good and gives her a classier style.

These pictures look monochromed and all artistic or something but I just took them outside on a glass patio table.  Everything is naturally grey I guess.

The final pictures: the lovers facing down certain death.  (How romantic...)


  1. They look great. I like the idea of theming allied contingents. Can't wait to see what else comes of this!

    1. Thanks, Old School! I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve...